BRE Global Notified Body Certificates

Certificate Validation/Counterfeit Certificates/False Claims:

As a Notified Body (CPR, MED, PED and TPED*), BRE Global Ltd issues certificates to manufacturers, as required for placing products on the European Market. The certificates are variously known as Certificate of Constancy of Performance, Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control, EC Type Examination Certificate, etc., or more generally as EC / CE certificates.

*Construction Products Regulation, Marine Equipment Directive, Pressure Equipment Directive and Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive

BRE Global maintains full records of certificates issued and can validate these certificates on request. Please contact:

Occasionally, we become aware of unauthorised (counterfeit, modified, etc.) BRE Global certificates in circulation. The following list provides details of those cases for reference:

February 2018

The references on the Detectomat website to certificates 0832-CPR-F1240, 0832-CPR-F1110 and 0832-CPR-F1113 for several of the SRC 4000 range of products are invalid. BRE Global has not issued these certificates.

January 2018

Certificate number 0832-CPD-2072 for products from Fireguard Safety Equipment Co. Ltd has been identified as a modified copy of the original certificate 0832-CPD-2072 (also for Fireguard Safety Equipment Co. Ltd.) The manufacturing address has been deleted. The original certificate remains valid as of January 2018. To view the invalid certificate click here.

October 2017

Declarations of Performance for 1) Shannon Coiled Springs and 2) Gripfix Ireland citing BRE as the Notified Body for these products are misrepresentations of BRE. BRE has not acted as the Notified Body for these products. Click here to view the Shannon Coiled Springs DOPs and here to view the Gripfix Ireland DOP.

A ‘CE certificate’ for Harlech Industrial Doors Ltd, dated 28th April 2016, bearing the ‘bre’ trademark and listing the British [sic] Research Establishment (at the BRE Global address) as the certification body, had been identified as invalid. Click here to view

April 2017

Certificates numbered 007-CPR-0167 and 007-CPR-0168 for products from Renco Kompozit Teknolojileri Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S. (Turkey) were identified as counterfeit.

October 2015

Certificate number 0832-CPD-2086 for products from Shanghai Kingtech Industrial Co. Ltd. (China) was identified as a modified copy of the genuine certificate 0832-CPD-2086 for Suzhou HLC Plastic Industry Co. Ltd. (China). The Shanghai Kingtech Industrial certificate is counterfeit. The Suzhou HLC Plastic Industry certificate was valid, though has since been superseded.

July 2014

Certificate number 0832-CPR-F0137 for the product GS503w from Ningbo Siterwell Electronics Co. Ltd (China) was identified as a modified copy of the genuine certificate 0832-CPR-F0137 for product GS503. The GS503w certificate is counterfeit. The GS503 certificate remains valid as of July 2014.