BRE Global offers third party certification to a wide range of European, International, British and its own fire Loss Prevention Standards (LPS - ), Environmental standards (BREEAM, and BES) and Construction Product/Service standards (e.g. PRC,), as well as National Standards developed for the UK Microgeneration Certification Scheme

BRE Global’s standards (LPS, BREEAM, BES, PRC) are freely available from this web-site (please follow the links).

Details of other standards used are provided under the relevant schemes and in Scheme Documents*, however, we are not permitted to supply the full standards directly; if required these should be obtained from the issuing authority.

*Scheme Document

BRE Global Scheme Documents set down the requirements for the operation and delivery of the schemes for which we provided testing and third party certification.  The Scheme Document provides:

  • information about (or reference to) the certification scheme’s evaluation procedures, rules and procedures for granting, for maintaining, for extending or reducing the scope of, for suspending, for withdrawing or for refusing certification;
  • a description of the rights and duties of applicants and clients, including requirements, restrictions or limitations on the use of the certification body's name and certification mark and on the ways of referring to the certification granted;
  • information about procedures for handling complaints and appeals.